Interactive Visualization of Fluorescent Protein Properties

Announcing: - The Fluorescent Protein Database is a community-editable fluorescent protein database, cataloging an expanded range of proteins and parameters, including a new spectra viewer. Add new proteins, search with advanced queries, create & share your own FP collections, or view the current fpvis collection here. The interactive chart from this page is also available with an extended range of proteins at

This site hosts interactive visualizations of both constitutively fluorescent proteins, and one for photochromic fluorescent proteins. Click on either image below to access the files

Constitutively Fluorescent Proteins

Photochromic Fluorescent Proteins

Source code for these pages, including all the raw data, is available at Github. If you would like to add data or want to make edits to the page, please submit a pull request there. You can add an issue to report bugs or to submit a feature request. Alternatively, consider contributing to

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